On your mark, get set, write

Ready to write. 29 days to go.

Day 1

This is the first time I have ever blogged about blogging. The stories I want to share are about life in Otter Creek, where I got chased by an otter (really!), people, food, Maine, my views on all of these, but not writing. I am about to embark on a thirty-day blogging adventure, however. This is radically different from my random blog a month style, and so may need a bit of explaining.

I love to write, but also work more than full-time, and, like most people, have family and friends and so many other things going on. I find it hard to carve out time to write one blog a month. Thirty is terrifying.

Last year I signed on board with the Bangor Daily News, thinking if I had a more public blog it would force me to write more. Now I try to maintain two blogs, Fromthecreek.com, and Mainemorsels.bangordailynews.com.

I am writing less!

There is also a common theory that it takes thirty days to make a habit.  Perhaps a thirty-day challenge will create the regular writing habit I crave.  Or, like someone who has over-indulged in creampuffs and cannot look at them without a shudder, it may make me never want to tap at a keyboard again.

I have seen lists of topics for a thirty-day challenge, but most involve subjects such as what is my favorite Disney princess movie or why is education important. Excellent prompts, no doubt, but they leave my mind numb.

And so I signed up for a thirty day blog workshop. A support group seemed like a good idea. That was cancelled two days before we were due to start, but I am going to soldier on, along with a few intrepid fellow BDN bloggers. But here I am at camp, day one, no WIFI, and I forgot my laptop power cable. Before I even start to write I have hurdles. This is going to fun.

Please join us for the ride, I have no idea where it is heading but I am pretty excited and nervous about it.

I just looked for some tips for a thirty-day challenge, and am finding multiple references to a 21-day habit theory. Twenty-one!  That’s nine less blogs.

I may need to remind myself of this in three weeks, but for now, it’s thirty days or bust.





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