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Through the looking glass: inside a fish shack

Ice house, fish shack

The tiny houses dotted along a frozen surface are irresistible to any one with a camera in hand. Their simple shapes in the middle of a field of ice, surrounded by forest and mountain, have inspired coffee table books and appeared on the covers of magazines. They represent a culture, a world, and, for those […]

Yellow or white, this is the time for perch.

white and yellow perch caught under the ice

You can catch perch in the warm seasons, but it is now, when they have been living in icy water, that they are at their peak. The flesh is firm, and very mild. It is a beginner’s fish. If you are new to ice fishing, it will probably be one of your first catches. Pickerel […]

Wait, don’t throw out the babies! Or, sautéed fish roe is mighty fine

Uncooked yellow perch roe. They remind me of piglet from Winne-the-pooh

The ice is still safe–it was twenty-two inches at Long Pond yesterday–but I hear a suspicious dripping sound coming from the trees behind the house. This time of change is when many fish are laden with eggs, or roe. Yellow perch roe sacs can be up to five inches in length, their smaller cousins, white […]

Wheels on ice: Ice roads get us from A to B, with all due respect and a bit of fun

Cars and kids on the ice

  Cars go through the ice every year, and every year I pray that ours is not one of them. When we hear about those cars we shake our heads, as any fool could see the ice was thin. But the owners of those cars must have been confident and absolutely sure it was safe. […]